Coins from Turkey’s Inflation

Coins from Turkey’s Inflation

Many countries have had periods of inflation.  We don’t know about them if they don’t show up in our news.

Most people know about the German inflation after World War I and some know about the recent inflation in Zimbabwe.  Turkey had an inflation period from about 1989 to 2005.

During that time their circulation coinage went from a comparative 500 lira to a value of 250 Bin Lira where 1 Bin Lira equals 1000 lira.  During that time Turkey issued commemorative or collector coins with denominations as high as 7,500,000 lira   The period also contains a 2001 bird series of square coins (which I don’t have ) and a 2002  flower series of unusual oval coins of 7,500,000 lira.   I have four coins from that series. In 2005 they had a decimal currency reform where 100,000 old Lira = 1 New Lira and the 1 Kurus (1/100 Lira) was issued again.

I brought along tonight circulating coins from before the Bin Lira period, the Bin Lira inflation period 1995 – 2005, and one coin from after the decimal coinage reform.  Also four coins from the oval flower series.



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