Our calendar is shared out on Google Calendars. There is a known issue with Microsot Internet explorer that prevents Google calendars from showing in this kind of window. Please follow the steps below to enable the calendar view in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Go to Internet Settings - This is done by clickin on the icon that looks like a little gear in the upper right hand corner of Internet Explorter. The icon looks like this. iesettings

From the resulting menu Select "Internet Options"


This will open up a small control panel, select the Privacy Tab


On the Privacy Tab click the Sites button


In the sites configuration screen follow steps 1, 2 and 3 (in exact order) in the picture below to enable site cookies from google calendar

1. Type *.google.com
2. Click the Allow button (this will move *.google.com to the bottom box labled "Managed websites"
3. Once *.google.com is in the "Managed websites" box click OK to save and close this config


Once you are back to the Privacy Tab click OK to save and close the Internet Options window


Next click the refresh iconierefresh in the address bar of Internet Explorer. the Clanedar should now show.