How many of you have received advertising like this that came to me in the mail? They are from the American Mint 5051 Louise Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. The following is my analysis of the material. You make your own decision.

Two points are stressed; “Every Ticket is a Winner” and “24 k gold-layered” “coin”. If you accept the offer they are the winner monetarily and you are the looser.
First, I don’t think that what you receive is worth what you paid for it. Second, just because “gold” is in, or part of an item doesn’t make it valuable.
My analysis follows.
“24 k gold-layered tribute to America’s impenetrable gold vault at Fort Knox.”

  1. Define “gold-layered.” The big selling point. How much gold? Very little if gold foil is used or electroplating. 
  2. Even if you “scratch” a “Free Coin” and you send in the coupon it will cost you $4.95 shipping and handling to get it. Then what is it worth after you get it? What is its intrinsic value? You can’t spend it! 
  3. Read the FINE PRINT! By sending in the coupon you sign up to automatically receive more such “coins” in the “collection”. You have to make a special effort (phone call) to stop this service. 
  4. Define “collection”. How many items? 
  5. By numismatic definition they are NOT coins. At best they are medals. 
  6. What is the resale value? They have no or very low resale value unless to a medal collector.
  7. Who will buy them? A coin dealer doesn’t want them unless there is a complete collection. I overheard just such a situation many years ago in a coin dealer’s shop. The woman had apparently put a lot of money into what she had. – An incomplete set. Now she wanted to get her money back. The coin dealer wouldn’t buy the material.

These are my thoughts. I consider the material a SCAM! Please click the pictures so you can get an idea of what this material will look like if you receive it.



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